Before first use, please ensure device has been charged fully.
Step 1: Apply cleanser directly to skin or to the Vogcrest brush head.
Step 2: Wet the brush head and cleanser.
Step 3: Place brush to forehead and turn on.
Step 4: Select desired speed.
Step 5: Gently moving the brush in small circular motions


1. Clean Forehead for 20 seconds
2. Clean Nose and chin for 20 seconds
3. Clean Left face for 10 seconds
4. Clean Right face for 10 seconds


Please follow the below instructions to clean and maintenance your Vogcrest devices:
Never use abrasive cleansers or chemical solvents to clean any part of the device;
Never clean any part of the device in dishwasher.
Handle: Take off the brush head one time every week and clean the handle with warm soap water. Handle is made of waterproof material, please do not dissemble the handle for any reason.
Brush Head: We suggest you to change your brush head every 3 months, as for the brush will become rough after frequent use which can no longer maintain good cleaning effect. You can turn on the device after cleaning your face, and lay the brush head on a dry towel for 5~10 seconds for thoroughly dry.


For better cleaning effect, we suggest you to change your brush head every 3 months.

How to dissemble the brush head for sonic cleansing device?
1. Put on the lid, hold the brush head firmly, and remove the head with a gently pull;
2. Remove the brush head from the device.

How to fix the brush head?
Put on the lid, push down directly on the device and it will fix well.
Tip: It will be very easy to dissemble and fix the brush head with the plastic lid on.